Build a Job Into a Career with Vadakin, Inc.

If youíve just graduated from high school or college, finished your time in the military or are making a career change, consider employment with Vadakin, Inc. One
 of Americaís most successful, high pressure cleaning companies for over five decades, Vadakin, Inc., offers you more than a job.

The skills, training and certifications you can acquire as a Vadakin employee 
will provide you with a strong 
foundation for a long-term,†successful career. You can build that career with us, or with many other companies in related fields. A job with us†is an opportunity for you to develop and enrich your professional skills and increase your value in the work force.


Compared to other entry-level jobs, Vadakin, Inc., offers higher hourly pay rates and important benefits for full-time
 employees, including:

Health Insurance

Life Insurance


Paid Training

Daily Travel Pay

Paid Accommodations Subsistence


Good work, safety and dedication are valued at Vadakin, Inc. Bonus rewards and other monetary recognition are part of our culture. In addition to monetary rewards, we offer you the opportunity to advance to management and supervisory roles within the company.


Earn and learn with us. We donít believe in dead-end jobs. We want people who are excited about learning and committed
, to becoming a more valuable employee resource. Thatís why we invest in you by offering the following as part of your employment experience:

Mechanic Training

Manager Training

OSHA Training

Fork Lift Training

CDL Training

Employment with Vadakin gives you experience
 that will benefit you throughout your career with us, or anywhere you decide to go!


In addition to competitive pay, generous benefits and valuable training, our employees have many travel opportunities while on assignment. Youíll see much of Americaís beautiful mid- and northwest.

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If youíre ready for a job with advancement opportunities, great benefits and training that will give you lifelong skills, join the Vadakin Team.

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